Matt Poling, P.E., S.E.

Senior Engineer


Matt Poling has more than 14 years of experience in forensic consulting, structural design, and inspections. He began his career in Miami, where he worked on a variety of projects from taxi stands to hospitals, and he contributed to the design and inspection of the Miami Marlins Ballpark. Matt’s expertise in concrete and high-rise construction includes both new design and assessments of concrete cracking, post-tensioning failures, and misplaced reinforcement. In addition, he is skilled in shoring design, structural repairs, retrofits, and renovations. In his free time, he likes going on long walks and daydreaming.




FSEA, Post-tensioning Institute


Featured Experience

  • Hurricane damage evaluation and repair (Ian).
  • Post-tensioned slab cracking assessment and repairs (Chicago, IL).
  • Concrete column cracking assessment and repairs (Chicago, IL).
  • Loading feasibility study: analyzed existing framing for both wood and concrete floors and provided oversight of member testing as required (Chicago, IL and Honolulu, HI).
  • Reshoring designer: provided reshoring designs for multistory concrete buildings.
  • Structural Design Engineer (renovation): served as project manager for church renovation, including addition of new headers in load-bearing walls and integration with new structures (Glen Ellyn, IL).
  • Structural Design Engineer (new construction): served as project manager for churches, higher education, commercial buildings, army reserve facilities, and high rises in multiple states and countries.